After a sleepless night of bad thunderstorms, we awoke at 6.30am for breakfast. Weather started out dry, but by the time we were climbing into the jeep to start our jungle tour, the rain was coming down very heavily. First up was a canoe ride in a rather unstable vessel, little did we know that around the first corner was a croc fest! We had read about small fish eating alligator type things, ‘Gharials’, but instead were faced by a scary number of much much bigger types who ate more than just fish, we were especially concerned by the number of random shoes dotted around the banks!

Having narrowly escaped being breakfast for the crocs, we gladly climbed out of the canoe and onto land. We took a walk through the jungle where we saw deer, wild boars, the remains of a tigers breakfast and lots of animal dung! Had it not been heavily raining, we may have seen more, but the animals quite rightly were sheltering from the rain.





At the end of the jungle walk, we visited the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Centre, where we saw baby elephant twins. Apparently there are only two sets of elephant twins in the world today.


By afternoon, the weather had cheered up and we took an elephant ride through the jungle to spot Rhino’s, monkeys and more deer, but still no sign of the Parks main attraction, the rare Bengal tiger! Apparently they are 100 times more likely to see you than you them and I’m sure we were being watched very closely.
Chitwan is a must see when visiting Nepal as it is one of the few wildlife parks left with such a variety of endangered species and is one of the few places where visitors can get so close to them. Admittedly, the crocs were a bit too close for comfort!

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