Apologies for delayed post. Since arriving in India we have either been engrossed in wedding preparation, events, parties, travelling, sightseeing or simply not had access to the Internet.

Following our tour of Nepal, we flew to Kolkata for our friend’s, Christian and Diplina’s wedding. Although not completely traditional, the wedding followed a number of specifically Bengali rituals and traditions. For me, it was quite hard to follow, but I tried my best! Aside from that, the food was amazing, the hospitality second to none and we were made to feel very welcome.

Upon arrival, we were provided Sari’s with matching jewellery and the boys traditional Indian wedding outfits. The first part of the celebrations included henna for the women, mine is still fairly dark after a week! Then there was dancing, which I have realised follows no specific rules, much like everything else in India! The finale though was a surprise boat trip down the Ganges, where again, we ate amazing food, danced and saw temples and festivities on the banks of the Ganges.

Kolkata itself is not much to look at, the Victoria memorial is certainly worth a visit and walking through the streets, soaking in the atmosphere is interesting, but in our experience, it is the kindness and cheer of the Bengali people that will be remembered most!








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