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Final stop on our world tour of Nepal and India was Delhi.  In all honesty, neither of us were excited about going to Delhi, especially having witnessed the filth and stench of the other big cities we visited, including Kolkata, Jaipur and Agra.  Our only goals in Delhi were to visit the Red Fort and eat at a restaurant named Moti Mahal, as recommended by Gordon Ramsay and apparently the origins of famous UK curries such as Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala!  With these activities in mind, we booked accomodation at The Broadway Hotel located on the cusp of Old Delhi and New Delhi and just 5 minutes walk from the unimpressive Delhi Gate.

Hotel Broadway run special offers if you book online, we got a free bottle of Indian red wine, cookies, dinner and a free cycle rickshaw ride around the market in old Delhi and all for £80 a night.  We got all of these things, except the cycle rickshaw tour was a bit of a let down, basically they pay for the driver to drop you off qt the end of the road and you have to walk it from there, but they did offer to pay our return fare!  After a few weeks in India, you find yourself succumbing to the organised chaos, constant misunderstandings and realise that to enjoy yourself, you simply need to lower your expectations, or better yet, have none at all!  Moti Mahal is a good example of this.

Before our trip we watched Gordon Ramsays three part series of cooking in India and in part & he is taken to Moti Mahal by one of Indias top food critics.  Gordon praised the cooking and highly recommended you go there if in Delhi, so we did and despite the staff being nice, the food was mediocre and the restaurant itself falling apart with bits of the roof collapsing, dodgy toilets and it was a bit drab.  However, it wasnt the worst food weve eaten qnd probably worth visiting as its fairly cheap and very very famous!

The Red Fort is a must, but the Ghandi Memorial is somewhat understated with not much to see.  The old Delhi bazaar is definitely fun to walk around and there is a mass of everything you could ever need running along long streets and tucked into tiny backstreets and hidden alley ways, it is also just fun to watch the absolute craziness of everyday life there.

Moti Mahal, as recommended by Gordon Ramsay in "Gordon's Great Escape: India"




Finally arrived in Delhi after a bit of a shambolic journey! After a serious lack of zzzzzzs the night before our departure, we were up and on the go at 3am Saturday morning, arriving at Edinburgh airport at about 4.20am, only to find out that our flight to Amsterdam had been cancelled due to heavy snow. For once the problem was at our destination and not due to Edinburgh’s typically crap weather.
We were guided towards the KLM service desk. Now, it’s not often you’ll hear me commend customer service, or very much else for that matter, but I have to say that I was impressed at how KLM handled the issue. We were put on a BMI flight to heathrow, business class, then onto British Airways from there to Delhi.
First impressions, Delhi airport seemed fairly modern and organised. This was to be tested, as was our patience and calm natures! We had planned to collect our bags and check into the airport transit hotel. Instead, we found we would have to go through immigration to collect our bags, meaning we would have entered India and faced the prospect of not being able to get back in in 10 days time to attend our friends wedding Kolkata. If you enter India and then leave, you can’t enter again for 60 days. Unfortunately not many of the airport staff understand this, nor understand the consequences their poor knowledge. We were given lots of conflicting advice, but finally managed to negotiate BA forwarding our bags to Kathmandu and allowing us to check-in to the hotel.
We have just finished our complimentary breakfast, discovered our flight to Kathmandu is delayed by an hour and are hoping and praying our bags end up in the same place we do!


As I’m sure you are all aware, we leave on Saturday for a month of travel across Nepal and India.  We have set up this blog so you can follow our travels, view our pictures and keep in touch.

We leave at 6am and fly to Delhi where we will stay in the Eaton Smart Transit hotel seeing as we are not allowed to enter India or we get a two month ban before we can enter again.  12.30pm the following day, it’s back on a plane for an hour and half and we will then begin the first leg of our trip, Nepal.

Only 4 days to go and ALOT to do.  Feel free to subscribe to this blog by email by clicking follow in the right hand corner below.